The Funnel Guru - Refund Policy


Our category approval services come with an approval guarantee as it takes a few attempts for approval. We currently have a 100% success rate to date until our obligation is fulfilled. If for some reason you are not approved we will initiate a full refund. You agree to allow our team to work on your account for 90 days or more for full approval during the ungaitng process.

If a refund is manually requested by the client before the 30-day working period, a 30% early termination fee will apply to offset staff's time and cost during the period of working on client's case. The client is eligible for full refund after 90 days of placing the order if The Funnel Guru is unable to fully gain approval.

Once the client's Amazon account is approved to sell under the restricted categories that was requested for, client will be notified through an email from / with the email subject as "Approved" or in the same email thread in which communication is established with the customer. If the client has any further concerns on the scope of work, we expect an email reply from the client within 48 hours upon receiving the above notification from 

The category choosen by the customer in website is the only scope of work and team will work on getting approvals based on the scope of work only. Once the payment is completed by the customer, the choosen category name will be displayed on the receipt sent to the customer.

When there is no reply from the client within 48 hours after completing the service and notified, we consider the service is 100% delivered and accepted by the client and will not be eligible for any further refund/dispute.

24 Hours Rush Delivery Refund Policy
The scope of 24 hours rush delivery service is defined below.
After client makes the payment, we will start submitting the application to Amazon within 24 hours. If you need category approval for more than one categories , the first application will be submitted within 24 hours and the remaining applications will be submitted based on the approval status of the 1st application. 

24 hours rush delivery fee is 100% non-refundable.

Below are circumstances in which we will not refund once payment for our ungating services is verified:


We have a Package Called Jumbo Pack Which Covers the following Categories

Grocery & Gourmet Foods
 Music Category
Lighting Category
Dietary Supplements -USA
Sports & Nutrition
Gardening & Watering
OTC Medication
 Hair Care & Beauty Appliances
Baby Topicals
 Pet Supplies
Medical Supplies & Equipment
Pet Care
Pet Food
Candles & AromaTherapy
Power Tools
Home Environment Electronics
Water Filters

As per our policies and Terms, we will get the Amazon seller/Client to get approvals to sell under the above categories/sub categories on amazon. Once we get all the categories approved, we will send email to the amazon seller to their communication email address which they have used on our payment page to convey the status that their account has been ungated on the above categories and Jumbo Pack is completed as well.
At this point, we consider the sale is completed and the order has been 100% digitally delivered as we got the client/amazon sellers approve on the above categories without any discrepenices. If the Amazon seller/Client feels any incomplete/pending deliverables, he/she has to email us within 7 days after recieving the "All Approved" Status email from us to investigate further. Failing to do so within 7 days of period won't be eligble for any Refund as the service has been successfully delivered.

We will not refund for paid services if the client has a sudden case of “buyers remorse” after purchasing our service.
We will not refund if we initiate the ungating process and you (the client) interjects the communication threads between us and Amazon.
We will not refund or ungate another category in place of a category ungating purchased.
Please verify the exact service you need prior to purchasing our services.

If we have provided assistance to you (or your company) and have not heard from you within 7 days from our last communication, we will then consider your ungating a “success”. As a company we work with all clients on a “one-on-one basis” from start to finish. Replying to us weeks later stating there was issues with your application will not be tolerated. We expect reasonable reply times from our clients as you would from us regarding our service. At such times, no refunds will be granted due to communication negligence on the client’s behalf. We can’t continue to assist client’s without proper communication from both parties.

If you made a purchase for one of our “category ungating bundles” (2 or more categories) please know that we will only provide partial refund for those categories that was not ungated (see example below).

You made a purchase for our “Beauty Products and Grocery & Gourmet Foods” category bundle. We successfully ungated the Beauty Products, but we were unable to assist you to fully gain approval in Grocery & Gourmet Foods. At that time we would initiate a “partial refund” for the Grocery, where we were unable to provide the service promise on our end.
We will not refund or ungate a category ungating service purchased for one marketplace in place of another. In other words, if you purchase our Clothing and Accessories category ungating service for the US marketplace but decided you needed the UK marketplace Clothing category ungated instead this would not be honored. Also, purchasing an “available” category ungating service for one marketplace to wish later of transferring the purchase of services to a different marketplace that has a “waiting list” will not be honored. We respect everyone in our waiting list the same as we do every other client. These practices will not be accepted. Please verify the exact service and marketplace you need prior to purchasing our services.

After receipt of payment from a client we will request specific Amazon seller account information in order to assist you properly. We expect that all information provided be exact and accurate by the client. To add, this information should not change during the application process unless approved by our team. The constant changing of account names, mailing address’, countries, or not wishing to follow our ungating procedures will result in no refunds being issued due to neglect. We expect precise information from each client in order to properly assist in the fastest manner possible.

The Funnel Guru Services will not be responsible nor refund the rendering of our services should Amazon changes their “category/directory structure layout” or determine that your recent category approval (we assisted with) has been suddenly revoked. This includes examples such as, but not limited to: account suspension issues, ASIN issues, brand gated issues, neglectful seller account management, or lack of or no sales activity in that certain category once approved. We do not control Amazon nor an Amazon sellers account once approved with our services.

As months progress Amazon continues to make their category approval process more strict. As a client (as also stated above) we expect quick communication regarding the submits as well as Amazon’s responses to us in a timely manner. We expect that your application be submitted within 24-48 hours per our request to do so. We also expect that all Amazon responses (other than approvals) be forwarded to us within 24 hours so we may instruct your next course of action. Waiting days (or even a week) will not help you in this process whatsoever as things change that quickly. If we encounter a client that isn’t pursuing their ungating or displays a form of neglect and/or of procrastination we will quickly discontinue services and no refunds will be issued for these reasons. We simply refuse to battle both Amazon as well as a neglectful client during this process